In some cases, the best method for dental treatment may involve performing oral surgery. This process involves cutting into oral tissues so that important areas of the mouth can be accessed, and the necessary treatments can be applied. At Siesta Village Dentistry, we utilize the latest and most advanced methods available so that we can achieve the best possible results. We make patient comfort a top priority, and all of our experts are highly trained when performing these sensitive procedures. By choosing Siesta Village Dentistry for your oral surgery, you are sure to receive treatment that is as easy and as painless as possible so that you can focus on improving your oral health.

There are many reasons to receive oral surgery, such as:

  • Having teeth removed
  • Installation of dental implants
  • Periodontal procedures
  • Bone grafting treatments

When conducting oral surgery, our experts will typically provide one or more methods of dental sedation in order to reduce patient discomfort and anxiety. Our experts will heavily monitor the application of dental sedation so that the patient does not experience any unwanted side-effects from treatment. The methods of dental sedation that we offer include:

  • Oral Sedation: Provided prior to the procedure in the form of a pill to help the patient remain calm and relaxed and experience less pain.
  • Local Anesthetics: Applied directly to the site immediately before the procedure to numb the area.
  • Laughing Gas: An inhaled vapor that helps patients remain calm and relaxed while work is being done.

While the idea of receiving oral surgery can make many patients feel apprehensive, our caring team is committed to helping them get through the process. We do everything possible to help ensure that any oral surgery we provide is both safe and effective, all while keeping the patient comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

One of the common procedures performed at Siesta Village Dentistry is Bone Grafting.

Bone Grafting

A deteriorated or decayed jawbone is a common oral health problem that is typically the result of untreated tooth loss or gum disease. The problem can cause severe pain and tooth loss, and it can make it difficult for dental implants to be installed. Fortunately, this type of issue can often be treated with a bone grafting procedure, a safe and effective method for restoring a jawbone that has deteriorated over time.

Our practice uses the most advanced techniques in bone grafting so that we can restore a damaged jawbone. We start by carefully accessing the deteriorated jawbone with precisely placed incisions. Next, artificial bone material and specialized proteins will be placed directly upon the damaged structure so that the healing process can initiate. Finally, the incisions will be closed, and the treated area will be sterilized.

In the coming months, the jawbone should begin to regenerate, and new bone growth will help to shape it into its previous structure. Eventually, the graft material will be absorbed by the body, and natural bone material will occupy the space. Once the jawbone has healed, the patient will be able to have dental implants installed if necessary.

Siesta Village Dentistry is a leading center for oral surgery in Siesta Key. By choosing us for your oral surgery, you are sure to receive top-quality treatment and care. Our experts look forward to helping you improve your oral health so that you can achieve strong, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Please call us at (941) 505-1200 to schedule an appointment.