When a tooth is severely damaged or causing significant problems for other teeth, we may decide to remove it entirely. This process involves numbing the area and then carefully removing the tooth from the socket in a way that minimizes discomfort. From there, our team will quickly get to work with initiating the healing process in order to provide a quick and effective recovery. At Siesta Village Dentistry, we do everything we can to ensure that a tooth extraction is an easy and stress-free experience for the patient so that they can focus solely on improving their oral health.

Prior to removing a tooth, our experts will typically take digital X-rays of the structure so that we can determine the best way to safely pull the tooth. Next, a local anesthetic substance will be applied directly to the tooth and the areas that surround it in order to numb these locations and prevent the patient from experiencing pain. If necessary, we may also provide oral sedation or laughing gas to reduce patient anxiety. Most teeth extractions feature minimal pain and discomfort; however, many patients report feeling a sense of pressure at the extraction site as the tooth is being removed.

After the tooth has been removed, it is very important to immediately encourage healing. This is done by having the patient bite down on a piece of gauze for about 30 minutes. This will control the bleeding and help to form a blood clot at the extraction site. To prevent harming the blood clot, the patient will be instructed to avoid smoking, using a straw, spitting, consuming drugs or alcohol and participating in intense exercise for at least one day following the procedure. Swelling is a common occurrence following a tooth extraction. A patient can deal with this issue by using an ice pack on their outer cheek next to the extraction site.

In addition to standard teeth extractions, Siesta Village Dentistry also provides wisdom teeth removals. A person's wisdom teeth usually develop when they are in their late teens or easy twenties. Although a small number of people end up keeping their wisdom teeth, most people have these teeth removed due to the problems that they can cause for other teeth. Our experts recommend having wisdom teeth removed as early as possible in order to prevent the need for a more complicated oral surgery later.

If you ever require a tooth extraction, our team at Siesta Village Dentistry will help to ensure that your experience is as stress-free and as painless as possible. Please call us at (941) 505-1200 to schedule an appointment.