A tooth-colored filling is a dental treatment that is designed to restore teeth that have experienced mild damage or decay, often caused by a cavity. While most cavities can be dealt with quite easily, leaving them untreated can lead to serious consequences. Food particles and harmful bacteria can use cavities to access the interior of teeth and cause major damage. If this happens, a person may need to have a root canal procedure or have the tooth extracted. For this reason, we strongly recommend having cavities treated with tooth-colored fillings as quickly as possible. These fillings will seal-off cavities and prevent any voids from being further damaged by harmful materials.

Tooth-colored fillings are unique in that they are created to appear indistinguishable from natural teeth. This is because they utilize a specialized mixture known as a "composite" to give the treated tooth structure and stability. This composite mixture contains plastic resins and silica fillers, two materials that offer many similarities to natural teeth, making great for use as a filling substance. Once a tooth has been treated with a tooth-colored filling, it will have its appearance fully restored, and it will be able to be used in the same way as any other healthy tooth.

When providing a tooth-colored filling, we start by first removing any decay or existing filling material that is present inside the tooth. The interior of the tooth will then be thoroughly cleaned in order to eliminate any harmful bacteria that may be present. We will then apply the filling material directly to the tooth, sealing off any voids or openings. The filling material will be allowed to harden so that it obtains the strength and integrity of a natural tooth, and our experts will make sure that the filling is tightly fitted and fully seals off any voids. Finally, we will complete the process by shaping and polishing the hardened filling material to give it the natural appearance and functionality that you would expect out of a healthy tooth.

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